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Four Reasons Your Body is Retaining More Water Than it Needs and How to Fix It


Have you noticed a daily fluctuation of your weight on the scale that sometimes has you feeling like you wanna pull out your hair?

If you have…CALM DOWN…I REPEAT….CALM DOWN…..Its nothing to worry about..

Our body weight fluctuates between +- 4 pounds each and everyday. “What’s causing these fluctuations you wonder?” It’s really simple actually. They are caused by excess salt intake, fluid and food consumption.

So in the nutshell water retention is simply when your body holds on to extra fluids and this shouldn’t be mistaken as fat.


Causes of Water Retention

Now that you’ve graduated from kindergarten. Lets get into the nitty gritty of what causes this which you should mistake for fat. It’s a very normal phenomenon


Not drinking enough water


So the first reason it happens is because you aren’t drinking enough water. I know it sounds counter productive but not drinking enough water actually causes your body to hold on to water.

When you don’t hydrate properly your body shifts gears and goes into SURVIVAL MODE which makes it store water for later because it thinks there’s none available.

Neat right….Our bodies really do work for us without us even knowing it.

When this occurs, you don’t get rid of much water through sweating and peeing.

The best thing to do is to chug down a decent amount of water each and everyday (about 4L for the average male adult and about 3L for the average female adult) to maintain efficient body functionality


Consuming too much sodium

Excessive sodium consumption not only greatly contributes to obesity and high blood pressure, but it also causes your body to hold on to water.

Ideally I recommend that you put a halt on adding salt to your meals and go for natural alternatives like ginger, turmeric or cumin to spice up your meals and make them tastier and more enamouring.

If you’re one of those people that simply can’t say NO to salt then try your best to add the bare minimum you can cope with…. Everything in moderation right….

Consuming excess carbs

According to Dr. Layne Norton, for every gram your body stores of carbohydrates, you hold 2.7 grams of water.    (This freaked me out too when I found this out).

This doesn’t mean you should completely kick carbs to the curb, but you should do your best to be mindful of how much you’re eating and make sure not to eat more than necessary.


Not sweating enough

One of the best ways to reduce water retention is through sweaty workouts. Apparently the average amount of fluid lost in an hour of exercise is between 0.5 – 2L. Jumping into a sauna after your workout will enormously boost the rate at which your body eliminates all that excess stored water.


Excess body fat

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that having more body fat will 100% increase how much water your body holds on to. One of the speediest ways to stop water retention or drastically reduce it is to shed off those extra pounds of fat through working out, eating right (and by right I mean healthy) and drinking a good amount of water daily.