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5 Health Benefits Of A Regular At-Home Workout

If you ask anyone out-and-about in Miami if working out regularly is beneficial for their health, nearly all, if not all, will reply “yes.” We all know working out is good for our health, so why do many find it difficult to get off the couch and do their home workout? Changing our habits is hard. However, if people knew specifically how working out would benefit them, perhaps they would find more motivation to workout. Today on the Anais Fit blog, we are going to talk about five specific health benefits of a regular home workout. If you are ready to train with Anais and get into the best shape of your life, visit our website!

Increase Energy

Most people seem to walk around like zombies, dragging themselves from one commitment to the next. They trudge through life getting through their day by drinking multiple cups of coffee. Though some could use more downtime and rest, many would feel a significant increase in energy, if they just started moving their bodies. According to one article, those who participated in low-intensity workouts regularly had a 20 percent increase in energy and a significant drop in feeling fatigued. Others found that as working out became a regular habit, the boost in energy they experienced increased.

Reduce Risk For Heart Disease

There are few diseases as feared as the heart disease and heart attacks. When you workout, you strengthen and condition your heart. Though it may seem counter-intuitive, working out and elevating your heart rate is better for you than remaining sedentary. One study actually found that working out was just as effective as taking preventative heart medications; for those that had already suffered from a stroke, exercise was more effective than taking medication.  

Increase Strength & Flexibility

Daily or regular exercise can also increase your strength and flexibility. The benefits of building muscle mass are obvious: getting stronger can protect you against injury, allow you to participate in activities that demand strength, and it increases your metabolism. Additionally, it is a natural treatment for osteoporosis.

The benefits of flexibility may not be talked about as much, but are equally as important. Increased flexibility can protect us from injury, elevate circulation, and also help us avoid cardiovascular disease and similar conditions.  

Decrease Susceptibility to Disease

When you create a regular habit of going to the gym, no matter if it’s your home gym or your local gym in Miami, you decrease your risk for disease. Working out can improve your immune system and protect you against certain cancers. One study stated that regular exercise decreased the risk for breast cancer in women by 30 percent. Though it still is yet fully understood how exercise can fortify your immune system, there is a clear connection between avoiding cancer and regular physical activity.

Live Longer

Who doesn’t want to live longer? Regular exercise can increase your lifespan significantly. According to one study, you don’t even have to workout long to see the benefits. According to one article, those that engaged in physical activity for just 10 minutes a day lived an average of 1.8 years longer than those that didn’t workout. Those that worked out for an hour, five days a week increased their lifespan 4.2 years!

Our bodies love moving and need physical activity to stay healthy. If you are ready to start moving and getting into shape, it’s time to start working out with Anais Zanotti! Anais with her Anais Fit home workout programs will challenge you and give you the tools to get stronger, lose weight, and tone your body in Miami and beyond. It’s time to start working out and the Anais Fit team would love to help you! Visit our website to learn more.