Get Fit
Before Summer

With Anais Zanotti

5 Ways Working Out Improves Your Quality of Life

had a long day at work, or just would rather push the snooze button. However, exercise doesn’t just make you stronger and feel like you can rock that swimsuit on the Miami beaches. It can actually change your life — and here’s how.  

Boost Your Mood

Working out can not only boost your mood right after your workout, but can change your long-term outlook on life. A study found that when people who worked out regularly were happier and had more positive feelings than those that did not work out. The same study found that not only were people happier, but they felt more excitement and enthusiasm for their goals and their life. Happiness is just a workout away!

Learn How to Achieve Goals

Working out can actually help you be more successful in other areas of your life: regular exercise makes you happier, gives you more energy, and provides other emotional benefits. Additionally, working out also helps you set and achieve your goals. How so? Working out teaches you how to set goals and proves to you your ability to reach goals. A study showed that those who set an intention or mantra for their workout and dedicated a regularly scheduled time to their workout, reached their goals more successfully than those who didn’t.

Sleep Better

Do you have trouble sleeping? Working out regularly will allow you to not only fall asleep sooner and stay asleep, but will help you get deeper sleep. When you exercise, your body releases a chemical that causes your body to crave sleep, and it strengthens your circadian rhythms. Exercise naturally increases your energy and when you get more hours and better quality sleep, you will feel even more energized to tackle your day. Also, lack of sleep has been shown to be connected to the development of many serious diseases; avoid the onset of serious disease when you get the sleep your body craves.

Improve Memory

Working out doesn’t just increase your muscle mass, but it will also cause your hippocampus to grow. A larger hippocampus will naturally increase your learning abilities and improve your memory. Exercise has also been linked to decreasing your risk for developing dementia.

Increase Confidence

Regular exercise will also increase your confidence and who doesn’t need a confidence boost? You don’t have to wait to experience a boost in confidence when you see results. Exercise will naturally make your body feel better, boost your mood, and as one study states “convince you that you look better.”To start experiencing the benefits of regular exercise, it’s time to start working out with Anais Zanotti. Anais has created home workout programs for anyone who wants to get fit, tone up, lose weight, and feel at home in their own body. Learn more about our workout programs and meal plans on our website.