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Nutrition & Your Home Workout – Part 2

Welcome back to the Anais Fitness blog! Lately, we have been discussing the importance of nutrition and how it can dramatically affect reaching your fitness goals in Miami. Nutrition plays a big part in sculpting and strengthening your body, and as a result, you must fuel it with the right foods and the appropriate amount of food. In our last blog post, part one, we discussed the importance of nutrition in regards to how many calories that you eat. Many in Miami feel frustrated with their fitness goals because they feel like they aren’t getting any results. They workout hard and consistently, but feel they are aren’t seeing the fruits of their labors. Not seeing the results you want can come from a few different factors, but one place to start with when determining the cause is with how much you’re eating. To learn more, read part one or stick around to learn more about how the type of calories and fueling your body can affect your results.

Type of Calories

The type of calories that you eat is also important. You can be eating the same amount of calories as someone else, but getting less benefit and not reaching your goals; It could be because you’re eating the wrong type of calories. The “wrong type of calories” is anything that is nutritionally empty. When you eat a Snickers bar, you get a lot of calories and refined sugar, but no nutritional substance. However, when you eat strawberries, you are eating sugar, but it is a complex sugar, and you are getting a bunch of nutrients that your body needs: fiber, vitamin C, and others! To simplify it, if you aren’t sure what are good calories or nutrient-rich calories, and which are nutrient deficient, choose the food that is less processed or is the closest to its natural form. Raw ingredients can include fresh fruit and veggies, non-processed protein, whole grains, and others.

Fueling Your Body

Eating to fuel your body is incredibly important. You need fuel to power your body as you workout, and for repairing it afterwards. Eating to fuel your body means that you consider what you eat and capitalize on those nutrients that you need the most. Protein is extremely important for building and repairing used muscles, and as a long-term energy supply that will keep you fueled throughout your entire workout. Complex sugars and fats are a means of powering your body for your short-term energy needs. Fruits and veggies will have complex sugars as well as a ton of other vitamins and minerals that your body needs to stay healthy and happy. Part of fueling your body includes eating a pre-workout and post-workout snack that will fuel and replenish your body.

Stay tuned for our next blog to learn more about pre-workout snacks and post-workout snacks that can help you have the most productive workout at home in Miami and will help you sculpt your body. Learn more about Anais Fitness home workout programs on our website and get the body and physique that you want.