Get Fit
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With Anais Zanotti

Nutrition & Your Home Workout

Welcome back to the Anais Fitness blog! On our blog, we have been discussing all things fitness including an introduction to calisthenics, the advantages of home workouts, and more. Today, we are going to talk about another important aspect of your fitness routine and a crucial element that can make or break the success of your home workout in Miami: your nutrition.

Importance of Nutrition

Nutrition can be one of the things that holds you back from seeing results. You can be committed to turning on your home workout everyday, investing in the right shoes and workout clothes, and still only see minor if any results. Nutrition in its most basic definition is what you eat during your day. Nutrition can hurt or help you reach your goals. It can hurt your goals if you eat too many calories, eat the wrong type of calories, or don’t’ eat enough calories. Conversely, when you eat the calories rich in the nutrients that your body needs, you can make faster and greater progress towards your fitness goals. When we talk about nutrition in regards to working out, we usually talk simplify it down to three things:

How Many Calories

It’s important that you are getting enough calories, while also creating a calorie deficit, if you are trying to cut fat. Many people who are just beginning their fitness journey make one or more of these common mistakes:

They reward themselves too much or too often.

It’s easy to feel like you deserve to “treat yo’ self” after you’ve done a hard workout or done a week of working out. Indulging can be okay to every so often, but if done frequently, it can derail your progress. Also, it’s easy to think, that because you’re working out more, that you can have that extra helping of carbs or dessert, but this won’t help you reach your success. Your body needs to reach a state of calorie deficiency. When you are in this state you will feel like you need to eat more, but having self-control and knowing how much you need to eat daily can help you reach your nutritional and fitness goals.  

They swing from one extreme to the next.  

Some people are very good at quitting junk food and other poor eating habits “cold turkey.” However, these people can quickly swing back to the other extreme of eating poorly and over indulging. When eating for the purpose of reaching your fitness goals, it helps to know how you best function when changing a habit: Do you need to gradually ease into it or do you have to make an extreme change? If you don’t know, try one method and see how it works for you! If you are feeling motivated, then go ahead and significantly change your daily habits. Also, if you have to have dessert after your meal or a glass of wine with dinner, you can find ways to get your fix, but maintain your diet plan. Have a small square of dark chocolate for dessert and cut down on the amount of wine that you drink.

Stay tuned to learn more about the basics of fitness nutrition! Your nutrition is half the battle when it comes to making gains in your fitness goals. It can take some time to figure out what your body needs, but don’t give up! All this hardwork will pay off. To learn more about Anais Fitness and to reach your fitness goals in Miami, visit our website and find out why so many are choosing our home workout programs!