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What Happens When You Work Out – Part 2

Welcome back to the Anais Fit blog! In our last blog post, we began talking about what is happening in the body as we workout. We talked about what creates “the burn” and discussed what our VO2 max is and how our heart becomes more efficient at sending oxygen to our body as we continue to workout and get more in shape. To learn more about what is happening in our body as we workout, read part one or stay right here.

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Your Brain & Working Out

Working out isn’t just about becoming more physically fit so you can run faster, lift more, and shred pounds: it is also about improving your cognitive function. Keep reading to learn how exercise can transform and benefit your brain.

Increase Blood Flow

As we exercise our body needs more oxygen — up to 15 times more oxygen — than when we are sitting still. As a result, our blood flow increases and more blood flows to all areas of the body. Because of the increase in blood flow, you feel more focused after a workout.

New Brain Cells

Exercise is also said to cause new brain cell growth, especially in the hippocampus. According to one article, brain cells created during exercise will “boost memory and learning.” The chances of the onset of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and stroke are also decreased due to the effects of exercise on the brain.

A Cure For Depression

Though exercise alone can not always cure depression, it can make a significant impact. When you workout, your body releases chemicals called neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters such as endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine are some of the main chemicals that are responsible for boosting your mood. The release of these chemicals cause the happy feeling you experience after your workout.

Reduce Stress

These chemicals and other effects of exercise can also reduce stress. If you find yourself mulling over a difficult decision or feeling like you are under a great deal of stress, exercise! Essentially, working out is, as a Mayo clinic article states, “meditation in motion.” Focusing on exercising, as well as the release of neurotransmitters and an increase in clarity are all responsible for reducing stress.

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