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What Happens When You Work Out

Welcome back to the Anais Fit blog! Lately on the blog, we have been talking about nutrition and how much it can affect the results of our home workouts; you can’t have get the results you want without changing your eating habits. We also covered the effects of electrolytes on our bodies and why it’s important to replenish our store of electrolytes every time we work out. Be sure to catch up on our last several blog posts, and visit the Anais Fit website to learn more about our home workout programs and how Anais can help you get the body that you want. Otherwise, stick around to learn what happens to our bodies when we exercise.

The Effects of Exercise

Most would agree that working out is good for you. However, if asked why it’s good for you, most people wouldn’t be able to give you an answer. They might say that it ups the speed of your metabolism, causes your circulation to improve, and your heart to beat faster — which they aren’t wrong. However, there is so much more going on in our bodies while we workout. Keep reading to learn more about the processes that occur in our bodies as we workout.


As you workout, your muscles begin to use glucose and ATP, they also require more oxygen. As the need for oxygen increases, your heart responds and sends more blood. However, as you workout and push yourself to the limit, your body is unable to keep up with the need. Lactic acid forms in your muscles because your body isn’t getting the oxygen that it requires —  which is one of the reasons why we are sore from working out. Also, when you push your muscles to the limit, micro tears occur: this is “the burn” feeling. Don’t worry! These tears are good for you. Every time your body repairs the micro tears in your muscles after your workout, your muscles become stronger.



Because your muscles require more oxygen when you are working out, your lungs have to work harder. According to one article, your body can require up to 15 times more oxygen than you normally would resting. Your VO2 max is when your lungs and the muscles around them can not move any faster to accommodate the oxygen that your body needs. As you workout and get more in shape, your VO2 max will get higher.


Your heart and lungs are working together to supply your body with oxygen. As the muscles around your lungs move faster to get more oxygen to your body, your heart is also working hard. Your heart is working to become more efficient at providing your body with the oxygen that it needs. As you workout, your heart gets better at this and you also create more blood vessels which only helps your body get the oxygen that it needs.

Stay tuned for part 2 to learn more about what happens in your body as you workout. If you are ready to take your fitness to the next level, visit the Anais Fit website! You can find a variety of home workout programs for anyone in Miami who is ready to get back into shape or push themselves to the next level.