Get Fit
Before Summer

With Anais Zanotti

Calisthenics (Full Body)

[dexmessage title=”Round 1 Performed 3x”] [dex title=”Mountain Climber 30 sec” video=”WgaPpthdGcY” type=”” pos=””] [dex title=”In and Out Plank 30 sec” video=”CKEg3n4i4u4″ type=”” pos=””] [dex title=”Side To Side Plank 30 sec” video=”G0fHojKF21Q” type=”” pos=””] [break time=”1m”] [dexmessage title=”Round 2 Performed 3x”][dex title=”Pull Ups Wide grip 10x” video=”LsQoKw0TUQ0″ type=”” pos=””] [dex title=”Reverse Grip Pull-Ups 10x” video=”7gay9Io_1HI” type=”” pos=””] [dex title=”L-Sit Chin Up 10x” video=”WxNPxs-NosE” type=”” pos=””] [break time=”1m”] [dexmessage title=”Round 3 Performed 3x”][dex title=”Half Burpee 12x” video=”CVyAeIonum8″ type=”” pos=””] [dex title=”Bulgarian Split Squat 10x on each legs” video=”TMd59N3G4OA” type=”” pos=””] [dex title=”Jump Box to Squat 10x” video=”SjZEh9IuxOw” type=”” pos=””] [break time=”1m”] [dexmessage title=”Round 4 Performed 4x”][dex title=”Bench Dips 15x” video=”p_PsWHuz31o” type=”” pos=””] [dex title=”Incline Push-Ups 15x” video=”xtQjDRKrhzI” type=”” pos=””] [break time=”1m”] [dexmessage title=”Round 5 Performed 3x”][dex title=”Alternate Push-Ups 10x each size” video=”Oia6Z3YKAFI” type=”” pos=””] [dex title=”Bosu Ball Alternating Toe Touch 12x” video=”dxhHb9_6A3I” type=”” pos=””] [dex title=”Russian Twist 40x” video=”jSwJJ3QC_Ac” type=”” pos=””] [dex title=”V-Ups Hold 30 sec” video=”malfEKhgwXE” type=”” pos=””] [dex title=”Swiss Ball Back Extension 25x” video=”4P74vl3n-8E” type=”” pos=””] [cooldown]