Get Fit
Before Summer

With Anais Zanotti

Chest and Triceps

[warmup type=”upper”] [break time=”1m”] [dexmessage title=”Round 1 Performed 3x”] [dex title=”In And Out Plank 45 seconds” video=”CKEg3n4i4u4″ type=”” pos=””] [dex title=”Knuckle Push-Ups 45 seconds ” video=”0EDP6zxZoWo” type=”” pos=””] [dex title=”Plank 45 seconds ” video=”4RvYhOEeRNE” type=”” pos=””] [dex title=”Side To Side Plank 45 seconds ” video=”G0fHojKF21Q” type=”” pos=””] [break time=”1m”] [dexmessage title=”Round 2 Performed 4x”] [dex title=”Alternating DB Incline Bench Press 12 to 15 reps ” video=”iMSrV9h7JKk” type=”” pos=””] [dex title=”Incline Narrow DB Press 12 to 15 reps” video=”yDnpam9Q_lE” type=”” pos=””] [dex title=”Bench Dips 15 to 20 reps” video=”p_PsWHuz31o” type=”” pos=””] [break time=”1m”] [dexmessage title=”Round 3 Performed 4x”]Reverse Grip Flat Bench Press 12 to 15 reps

[dex title=”DB Triceps Kick Back 12 to 15 reps ” video=”TLExWWfZGyY” type=”” pos=””] [break time=”1m”] [dexmessage title=”Round 4 Performed 3x”] [dex title=”Cable Crossover 12 to 15 reps ” video=”1kS29oK_QJQ” type=”” pos=””] [dex title=”Low-Pulley Cable Fly 12 to 15 reps ” video=”0M9sSgGYvG8″ type=”” pos=””] [break time=”1m”] [dexmessage title=”Round 5 Performed 3x”] [dex title=”Cable Rope Overhead Triceps Extension 12 to 15 reps” video=”v6UDxCNsVBI” type=”” pos=””] [dex title=”Reverse Grip Triceps Pushdown 12 to 15 reps ” video=”2JtxBruADf8″ type=”” pos=””] [dex title=”Dips to L Sit Till failure ” video=”nJCJeH3DZS0″ type=”” pos=””] [cooldown]