Get Fit
Before Summer

With Anais Zanotti


[dexmessage title=”Round 1 Performed 3x”][dex title=”Half Burpee, 3 sets of 12x” video=”CVyAeIonum8″ type=”” pos=”1″] [dex title=”Wall Plank Donkey Kick 3 sets of 15 each side” video=”g1scC7g0sk4″ type=”” pos=”2″] [dex title=”Box Jump 3 sets of 10x” video=”L2ISWQpRRLg” type=”” pos=”3″] [break time=”1m”] [dexmessage title=”Round 2 Performed 3x”] [dex title=”Stability Ball Decline Push-Ups leg sweepers 15x each side” video=”ne3raV0KIaQ” type=”” pos=”1″] [dex title=”Side Knee Crunch Plank 30 secs” video=”ptkTmUagpB4″ type=”” pos=”2″] [dex title=”Plank 30 secs” video=”4RvYhOEeRNE” type=”” pos=”3″] [dex title=”Side To Side Plank 30 secs” video=”G0fHojKF21Q” type=”” pos=”4″] [break time=”1m”][dexmessage title=”Round 3 Performed 3x”] [dex title=”Decline Sit up 20x” video=”syAdtAaUMVo” type=”” pos=”1″] [dex title=”Decline Russian Twist 45x” video=”c1R2Vz48fwQ” type=”” pos=”2″] [dex title=”Bench Jack Knife 45 secs” video=”iirAsrCZDD4″ type=”” pos=”3″] [dex title=”Boat Hold 30 secs” video=”9uCsQNgIyVQ” type=”” pos=”4″] [dexmessage title=”Performed 4x”] [dex title=”Swiss Ball Back Extension 25x” video=”4P74vl3n-8E” type=”” pos=”5″] [cooldown]