Get Fit
Before Summer

With Anais Zanotti

Legs (Glutes, Quads, Abductors)

[warmup type=”lower”] [dex title=”Lateral Walk With Band 4 rounds” video=”WXFMCV6MHQE” type=”” pos=””] [dex title=”Hip-Thrust Dropset 3 sets of 12x with weight, 10x bodyweight” video=”5mzc7wQ_fgo” type=”” pos=”1″] [dex title=”Wide-Stance Hack Squat 3 sets of 15-12-12-10 Reps” video=”5Vt5CBlWJ9Y” type=”” pos=”2″] [break time=”1m”] [dex title=”Sumo Deadlift 4 sets of 10-12 Reps” video=”tIzA-5hXruQ” type=”” pos=”1″] [dex title=”Bulgarian Split Squat 4 sets of 10-12 Reps” video=”CvEsq83HJRE” type=”” pos=”2″] [break time=”1m”] [dex title=”Leg Extension, Pause 2 Seconds, contract the quadriceps 4 sets of 12-15 Reps” video=”inSpRRRc4UM” type=”” pos=”1″] [dex title=”BB Front Lunges 4 sets of 12-15 Reps” video=”ryBMluoQVlM” type=”” pos=”2″] [break time=”1m”] [dex title=”Leg Press Wide Stance 4 sets of 15-15-12-10 Reps” video=”tYoC5OIx23s” type=”” pos=”1″] [dex title=”DB Lateral Lunges 4 sets of 10x each legs” video=”KDa_-McET3I” type=”” pos=”2″] [break time=”1m”] [dex title=”Calves Raises 4 sets of 15-12-10-8 Reps” video=”pYIkXrkQfZQ” type=”” pos=””] [cooldown]