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Nutrition & Your Home Workout – Part 3

Welcome back to the Anais Fitness blog! On our blog, we have been talking about nutrition and the effects that your nutrition has on your body, your fitness, and your health. In part one, we talked about how crucial the amount of calories can have effect on your fitness goals. In part two, we talked about how the type of calories can either take you closer to your goals or be a setback. Our bodies need nutrients to function at their absolute best. Today, we will be discussing the importance or pre- and post-workout snacks, and what you should eat for both.

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The Pre-Workout Snack

There is a misconception among many that to get the most and fastest results when you workout, you have starve your body. There is a fat-burning zone that your body has to reach through a calorie deficit and increased exercise, but this isn’t at the cost of losing vitamins and minerals. Your body functions at its best, burning fat and building muscle when it has all that it needs to stay healthy. Additionally, you need to fuel your body before you hit the gym. Your body naturally stores glucose and uses this stored glucose as you workout. Your pre-workout snack helps to refuel these stores of energy and allow you to keep working out when your energy resources are depleted. The most optimal pre-workout snack will usually include a carb and a fat or protein. The carbs will give you energy right away to start your workout and the fat or protein will provide energy for you throughout your workout. Example of pre-workout foods include:

  • Fruit and peanut butter or nuts
  • Rice cake and peanut butter
  • Greek yogurt and fruit or granola
  • Fruit smoothie
  • Omelette
  • Toast with avocado

The Post-Workout Snack

Your post-workout snack will also fuel your body, but it is for the purpose of replenishing your muscles and body after your workout. During your workout, you burn calories, create micro-tears in your muscles, and sweat out essential vitamins and minerals. Though you will want to give your body energy that it can access quickly, generally your post-workout snack will be made up of less sugar and will be more protein heavy. Your preferences, your fitness goals, and the time of day can determine what your post-workout snack looks like: i.e. if you workout later in the day it is best to stay away from foods with a high-sugar content such as fruit smoothies. Examples of a post-work snack include:

  • Hummus and pita or veggies
  • Greek yogurt and berries
  • A meat and cheese sandwich
  • Chicken, rice, and stir-fry veggies
  • Protein shake and banana

After a workout you also need to hydrate. Drink water with a squeeze of lemon juice for extra hydrating properties. You also need to reup your electrolytes! Eating a banana, drinking coconut water, or other sports drinks are great choices, but going with more natural choices are usually better for you and have less calories! Being low or completely depleting your store of electrolytes can be incredibly dangerous and detrimental for your health, so make sure that you make electrolyte-replenishment a part of your post-workout routine.

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