The Complete Plant Based Diet to Shred

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4 Week Meal Plan Guide for your Ultimate Health

Strip Away Fat, Boost Energy and Rejuvenate Skin – From the Inside Out – By Leveraging the Power, Ease and Simplicity of a Plant-Based Diet

Level: Beginner & Intermediate

What you will get from this book:

  • Nutrition guidance
  • A CompletePlant-Based Diet To Shred
  • Time-saving Shopping list
  • Meal Prep Guide
  • Easy cooking and delicious recipes
  • All recipes cooking time below 30 min
  • Nutritional guidance and the Dos and Don’ts of a Plant-Based Diet
  • 100% Vegan Plant Based, no dairy, no animal products
  • This book will teach you how to calculate your own macros so you won’t have to guess for the rest of your life.


  • A 15min HIIT Routine that you can do anywhere
  • Access to my Private Facebook group
  • Access for free for a month on the AZFit Shred program

Program Duration: 4 weeks

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