Vijay Mahabir

Anais has been very professional. I felt like she spent a lot of time ensuring she tailored workouts exactly to my needs. Her nutrition plan was also quite detailed.

Gary Stephen Smith

A big thank you to Anais Zanotti whose expertise in training and diet planning helped me further my training . I couldn’t have stepped up to the next level without the professional advice of probably the sweetest coolest trainer in south beach. Much love.

Nicole Caridad

Anais has changed my life in so many ways. When I first began training I had very little knowledge of what to do and very little confidence in myself.

Alen Pesec

My abs are growing harder and bigger because I added some new movements into my abs training! Special thanks to Anais Zanotti for her abs program which really kills it!!

Marie Simonin

I am very happy to have found Anais. I am so excited about my 4 week transformation, looking forward to make more progress with Anais’s guidance.

Tomasz Gajenski

Big Thanks. Your online program helped me lose weight I was struggling with!!! Nearly 10 kilograms! Thanks!